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Home Energy Storage 1: Batteries are ...

Home Energy Storage 1: Batteries are the Future

At some point in the next few years, most of us will have batteries powering our houses. But what about now? And how will we know the point at which they cross the breakeven point? This post is to quantify the costs and returns so we will know that point when it comes. And it […]

Installing Solar PV

Late last year, we installed 8 Solar PV panels on our house totaling 2.2kW of generation capacity. Since then, we have happily watched our house drop off the grid when the sun comes up – the entire house powered by Solar PV. At the same time, we also installed an iBoost hot water diversion unit […]

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Ene...

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Energy Costs

It’s been 18 months since this project started and it’s a pretty good time to check in on progress so far. The aim is to get to zero energy costs, so if they’re measurably less than they were, then that’s progress. If you remember from the first post, the first step to reducing something is […]

Installing Double Glazed Windows

When we moved into our house, it had single glazed windows, no attic insulation, and a host of leaks. The wind basically blew straight through it, and it took the heat with it. After installing attic insulation, and adding new rubber seals around the windows and some doors, we decided one of the next moves […]

Save Money and the World at the Same ...

Certain things, it turns out, are bad for your wallet, your lungs and your future. However, whether you care about your wealth, or the environment (or hopefully both!), then it makes clear sense to stop spending money on incredibly inefficient energy systems in your life. And so whatever your motivation, taking The Journey to Energy […]

Solar PV, the Economics

Solar PV, the Economics

There is no doubt that Solar PV has taken off in a big way in certain parts of the world. It seems, in fact, that it’s on an unstoppable trajectory. It hit “grid parity” in sunnier places in the last few years (e.g. it can generate power cheaper than other power plants on the grid). […]