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Get off the Energy Cost Treadmill wit...

Get off the Energy Cost Treadmill with Solar, a Heat Pump and Insulation

I started this project five years ago with a simple question: how can I provide for my children’s future, whilst ensuring they have a future? That means finding a solution for life that’s reconciled with climate change, but in a way that creates wealth and positive returns. Technologies have done us all favors in this […]

What’s the cheapest way to heat...

I’m currently in research mode looking into the next step towards energy independence. For the next investment (actually reinvestment, of savings from previous investments, particularly the electric car), I’m weighing up Battery Storage or a Heat Pump. Each have their merits. Battery storage provides a way to store excess Solar PV in summer, and to […]

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Ene...

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Energy Costs

It’s been 18 months since this project started and it’s a pretty good time to check in on progress so far. The aim is to get to zero energy costs, so if they’re measurably less than they were, then that’s progress. If you remember from the first post, the first step to reducing something is […]

Installing Double Glazed Windows

When we moved into our house, it had single glazed windows, no attic insulation, and a host of leaks. The wind basically blew straight through it, and it took the heat with it. After installing attic insulation, and adding new rubber seals around the windows and some doors, we decided one of the next moves […]

Become a Heat Model: Get Paid to Wear...

Become a Heat Model: Get Paid to Wear a Jumper

The amount of heat that leaks out of the building, which you then have to replace with expensive heating (or cooling) is primarily driven by the fact that there’s a difference in temperatures between your house and the outside. (That’s why installing insulation saves you so much money!) There is therefore one thing you can […]

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Installing a Wood Burning Stove is step 5 along the path to complete energy freedom, and I am happy to say it is now complete! There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire. It takes me back to camping trips in Ireland, and across the US in summers gone by, and hopefully summers […]

Installing Insulation!

Installing Insulation!

Step 1 in the Journey to Energy Freedom was buying an energy meter. Step 2 was replacing all light bulbs with LEDs Step 3 was installing radiator heat reflectors Step 4 <– We’re now at step 4. I’ve installed attic insulation, and the figures are in: Step 4 Summary: Capital Cost: €598 Payback: 2.93 years […]

Heating a Building

Heating a Building

The energy consumption (e.g. cost) when Heating a Building (or cooling one) is pretty simple to calculate. It’s defined by the Average temperature difference with the outside multiplied the leakiness of the building. If the energy source isn’t renewable, then that’s decided by the efficiency of the heating source. I live in a cooler country, so […]

Reduce Heating Costs with Radiator Re...

Reduce Heating Costs with Radiator Reflectors

Thus far, we have installed an energy monitor to track our electricity costs, and what is consuming the power. This will have delivered some results just by seeing the consumption on the monitor. Next, we replaced all light bulbs with LED bulbs, spending €22 and saving €27.01 per year. The next step addresses another form […]