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Monthly archives for December, 2015

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Installing a Wood Burning Stove is step 5 along the path to complete energy freedom, and I am happy to say it is now complete! There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire. It takes me back to camping trips in Ireland, and across the US in summers gone by, and hopefully summers […]

Save Money and the World at the Same ...

These are the savings in CO2, resulting in some of the steps towards energy freedom that I have so far taken. The yellow line is the CO2 saving per euro it cost to put in place the measure. LED Lights are the clear winner so far.

Certain things, it turns out, are bad for your wallet, your lungs and your future. However, whether you care about your wealth, or the environment (or hopefully both!), then it makes clear sense to stop spending money on incredibly inefficient energy systems in your life. And so whatever your motivation, taking The Journey to Energy […]