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Building an Electric Bike

Building an Electric Bike

The first post on the energy of Transport showed that if you want to travel efficiently, there’s nothing for it: use a bike. However, many car-dwellers have the a predictable reaction: “I see that cycling is way cheaper than driving.. But I haven’t cycled since I was seven and I wouldn’t be fit enough.” What […]

Switching to an Electric Car

Our Electric Car - an all-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf

While I cycle to work and most other places, Mrs Green Mohawk is reluctant to become a carless household. This means we need to find a way of achieving motorised transport without significant expense and emissions. I expect this is a universal hope across most households, so let’s get it worked out. Since we started […]

Transport Costs and Energy Consumptio...

Transport Costs and Energy Consumption

Transport is one of our largest energy expenditures and as a result, is one of the greatest sources of financial cost. In fact, a lot of people spend a good proportion of what they earn at work just to get there. As such, if we can make the transport we use more efficient, we can […]