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Get off the Energy Cost Treadmill wit...

Get off the Energy Cost Treadmill with Solar, a Heat Pump and Insulation

I started this project five years ago with a simple question: how can I provide for my children’s future, whilst ensuring they have a future? That means finding a solution for life that’s reconciled with climate change, but in a way that creates wealth and positive returns. Technologies have done us all favors in this […]

Home Energy Storage 1: Batteries are ...

Home Energy Storage 1: Batteries are the Future

At some point in the next few years, most of us will have batteries powering our houses. But what about now? And how will we know the point at which they cross the breakeven point? This post is to quantify the costs and returns so we will know that point when it comes. And it […]

Installing Solar PV

Late last year, we installed 8 Solar PV panels on our house totaling 2.2kW of generation capacity. Since then, we have happily watched our house drop off the grid when the sun comes up – the entire house powered by Solar PV. At the same time, we also installed an iBoost hot water diversion unit […]

What’s the cheapest way to heat...

I’m currently in research mode looking into the next step towards energy independence. For the next investment (actually reinvestment, of savings from previous investments, particularly the electric car), I’m weighing up Battery Storage or a Heat Pump. Each have their merits. Battery storage provides a way to store excess Solar PV in summer, and to […]

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Ene...

Good Progress on the Path to Zero Energy Costs

It’s been 18 months since this project started and it’s a pretty good time to check in on progress so far. The aim is to get to zero energy costs, so if they’re measurably less than they were, then that’s progress. If you remember from the first post, the first step to reducing something is […]

Building an Electric Bike

Building an Electric Bike

The first post on the energy of Transport showed that if you want to travel efficiently, there’s nothing for it: use a bike. However, many car-dwellers have the a predictable reaction: “I see that cycling is way cheaper than driving.. But I haven’t cycled since I was seven and I wouldn’t be fit enough.” What […]

Installing Double Glazed Windows

When we moved into our house, it had single glazed windows, no attic insulation, and a host of leaks. The wind basically blew straight through it, and it took the heat with it. After installing attic insulation, and adding new rubber seals around the windows and some doors, we decided one of the next moves […]

Installing Tap Aerators

Installing Tap Aerators

This is a simple, low cost, but effective project. A tap aerator (or faucet aerator) can be screwed onto the faucet head, creating a no-splashing stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air. This is quite useful for reducing the amount of water coming out of the faucet without reducing it’s usefulness. In […]

Switching to an Electric Car

Our Electric Car - an all-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf

While I cycle to work and most other places, Mrs Green Mohawk is reluctant to become a carless household. This means we need to find a way of achieving motorised transport without significant expense and emissions. I expect this is a universal hope across most households, so let’s get it worked out. Since we started […]

Wood Stove One Year On: The Dent in t...

As part of Step 5 on the journey to energy freedom, I installed a Wood Burning Stove with a back boiler to reduce our dependence on natural gas for heating the house (and hopefully eventually remove it completely). That was one year ago, and so I wanted to calculate how much money it has saved […]