Make your life efficient, your wallet heavy, and your conscience light.

What’s This About?

Welcome to the Journey to Energy Freedom! If you’re here for the first time, I suggest you start at Post One: The Journey to Energy Freedom. Join the mailing list via the box on the right to be notified of new posts. –> 


This is one man’s story of creating a series of energy based investments which deliver a long term return far in excess of interest rates or stocks, with a degree of certainty greater than any stock market, and with a good deal of good environmental karma thrown in. Finally a way to make money and feel good about it!

It’s time to understand our energy consumption across all of it’s forms, remove needless inefficiency which manifests itself in high energy and transport bills sapping our wages, and move our sources of energy which are both cheap and clean. Stop sending your money to far away oil producing countries, and spend it on measures that’ll pay for themselves several times over: There’s Wood burning stoves, insulation, LED Lights, Solar Power, and more on the path to energy freedom.


The Green Mohawk.

– Make your life efficient, your wallet heavy and your conscience light.

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