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Monthly archives for January, 2016

Switching to an Electric Car

Our Electric Car - an all-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf

While I cycle to work and most other places, Mrs Green Mohawk is reluctant to become a carless household. This means we need to find a way of achieving motorised transport without significant expense and emissions. I expect this is a universal hope across most households, so let’s get it worked out. Since we started […]

Wood Stove One Year On: The Dent in t...

As part of Step 5 on the journey to energy freedom, I installed a Wood Burning Stove with a back boiler to reduce our dependence on natural gas for heating the house (and hopefully eventually remove it completely). That was one year ago, and so I wanted to calculate how much money it has saved […]

Become a Heat Model: Get Paid to Wear...

Become a Heat Model: Get Paid to Wear a Jumper

The amount of heat that leaks out of the building, which you then have to replace with expensive heating (or cooling) is primarily driven by the fact that there’s a difference in temperatures between your house and the outside. (That’s why installing insulation saves you so much money!) There is therefore one thing you can […]