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No Money Down! Seven Free Steps to Cu...

No Money Down! Seven Free Steps to Cut Energy Costs

“I want to stop spending on energy but I can’t afford insulation, double glazed windows, or an electric car. Where do I start?” “I want to do something easy about the environmental problems we’re pilling onto our children” Where can I get the money to start? We talk about making capital investments to save money […]

LED Lights – Better and Cheaper...

LED Lights – Better and Cheaper!

It’s time to step into the light! We all use lights quite a lot. They are almost miraculous in how they enhance the quality of our lives and our ability to be productive, particularly in winter. All light bulbs generate convert electricity to light. The way that this conversion is done however, has a massive […]

What Energy Investment Should I Make ...

What Energy Investment Should I Make Next?

We have a limited amount of discretionary money to spend each month. Discretionary money is what’s left after all the bills are paid. We could spend it on things that return fleeting pleasure like dining out or going for a drive. But what about if we spent it on something that reduced our mountounaius monthly […]

The Journey to Energy Freedom

The Journey to Energy Freedom

Most people reading this will spend a good proportion of their income on energy – lighting and heating your house or apartment, running appliances, fueling your car, and other things. What if you could cut these coats to almost zero and spend this increasing pile of money on, well.. anything else? Technology is at a […]