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What’s the cheapest way to heat...

How a Reversible Heat Pump provides both heat and cooling

I’m currently in research mode looking into the next step towards energy independence. For the next investment (actually reinvestment, of savings from previous investments, particularly the electric car), I’m weighing up Battery Storage or a Heat Pump. Each have their merits. Battery storage provides a way to store excess Solar PV in summer, and to […]

Switching to an Electric Car

Our Electric Car - an all-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf

While I cycle to work and most other places, Mrs Green Mohawk is reluctant to become a carless household. This means we need to find a way of achieving motorised transport without significant expense and emissions. I expect this is a universal hope across most households, so let’s get it worked out. Since we started […]

Save Money and the World at the Same ...

These are the savings in CO2, resulting in some of the steps towards energy freedom that I have so far taken. The yellow line is the CO2 saving per euro it cost to put in place the measure. LED Lights are the clear winner so far.

Certain things, it turns out, are bad for your wallet, your lungs and your future. However, whether you care about your wealth, or the environment (or hopefully both!), then it makes clear sense to stop spending money on incredibly inefficient energy systems in your life. And so whatever your motivation, taking The Journey to Energy […]